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New photography by Howard Margules

I hope my photos can inspire both artists and non-artists alike to get out of the house, while still maintaining social distancing, and seek out beauty and places of interest even though museums, and galleries are closed.  We live in a unique area with an abundance of natural and manmade beauty that is easily accessible.  People can jump in their cars and go exploring. Hopefully, artists will find places of inspiration, and others will witness memorable scenes and frame them in their minds. Families can turn it into a game where they vote on what was the most beautiful or inspirational scene they discovered that day. Following are a few of mine.

The Archer House

This setting is a popular scene for photographers and artists. I have taken a number of photos there, but this one captured the very peak of the fall colors, and just popped! If interested please contact Barbara Nair, Spectrum Gallery Director, at Also visit Mr. Margules’ online gallery page to view his other pieces in our inventory which you may order online or make an appt to see at the gallery.