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Painting by Kim Kordonowy

Artists make art because it feels good.  Sometimes we are able to pass on those feelings to others.  I paint to escape my day to day worries, and to be “in the zone.”.  I play with the paint, the colors, fabrics, tools, and process.  Every painting is an experiment that ends with a bit of realism and a portion of fantasy.  The pond behind my house is an endless parade of wildlife, moving through water, trees, and air, gracefully living in the moment.  Being a part of this, all senses tuned in as a hands-on voyeur, gives me a sense of peace and calm.  My message is simple:  gratitude, for being alive now, at this moment, in this place.

So, I often snap photos that become the inspiration of a piece, not to copy, but to remember.  I usually start with dripping acrylics to set the image.  Then, because I love fabrics, I cut and glue them with gel medium and apply them to the composition.  They add dimension, value, and texture.  They make a painting within a painting—an image that expands as you move closer.  Then finally I modify, unify and enhance with oils.  At each stage I might stop and declare I am done.  The “process” is time consuming and messy.  And it is never really done.

The first painting photo in the sequence of photos is a blue single color acrylic wash on white canvas.  It was applied with a small size foam rubber brush.  This first image was based on the photo I took of our pond.

The second sequence painting photo is a multicolor acrylic dripped and painted over the original image.  I used small sized foam rubber brushes and other utensils to apply the color.

The third sequence painting photo is of cut fabrics glued onto the painted canvas to emphasize and  support my concept and add interest and dimension to the image.

The final sequence painting photo is of oil painted throughout and around the canvas and onto the fabrics to unify, balance and develop the images.  I generally use small brushes for this step.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my process and will visit my other pieces on my Spectrum Gallery page. You can purchase any of my pieces online or visit Spectrum Art Gallery at 61 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT.

Paintings by Edith Skiba LaMonica

Flowers lift our spirits. The vibrant colors of flowers growing in gardens, planted in pots, and arranged in pretty vases always capture our attention. Flowers have magical powers that play a special role in our emotional lives. Flowers help us celebrate our successes and comfort our losses. A single rose signifies love. A bouquet of flowers will turn a frown into a smile and calm a troubled mind.Flowers bring me joy, solace and hope. I paint the flowers in my garden and flowers I buy. I take photos at public gardens like Elizabeth Park. The endless varieties of brilliant color combinations are awe inspiring. I want my paintings to radiate with the light and color that I see. My flowers are both real and imagined. For the“Bright Bouquet”pieces I scattered a colorful mix of flowers into beds of bright green foliage surrounded by airy blues. The transparency of oil paint, textures of my brushes and knives and bright colors bring my canvas gardens to life.Surviving through changing seasons blossoming flowers are reminders that we can meet challenges, renew and bloom again.I’m feeling that my concerns are the same as everyone’s during this worldwide COVID catastrophe. Worrying nonstop about my immediate family and loved friends. Hearing every minute everywhere about who has lost the battle is the unfathomable terror of our lives. For survival we must hold onto whatever is positive. Art has been my lifelong passion and my emotional support system. Creating paintings that others enjoy and sharing my skills by teaching carries me forward.

If interested in these pieces please contact Barbara Nair, Spectrum Art Gallery Director, at Also visit my online gallery page to view my other pieces in Spectrum’s inventory which you may order online or see at the gallery when it opens on June 4th.

-Edith Skiba LaMonica

New painting by Sean Carney

Caravel on the Delaware, wood stain & Dremel on wood,12in h x 24w., $500

To view Sean’s technique for this painting please see his video on Spectrum Gallery’s YouTube channel. If interested contact Barbara Nair, Spectrum Gallery’s Director, at Also visit Mr. Carney’s online gallery page to view his other pieces in our inventory which you may order online or make an appt. to see at the gallery.

For me the painting by Christine Kornacki speaks of hope and dreams and always holding onto a sense of wonder.  What better place to have it than where I can gaze upon it every morning for inspiration and each night to promise magical dreams?  It’s really wonderful. Also visit Ms. Kornacki’s online gallery page to view her other pieces in our inventory which you may order online or make an appt. to see at the gallery.