Abstract Nature

Spectrum Gallery Presents: Abstract Nature

Spectrum Gallery and Store of Centerbrook, Connecticut presents its newest exhibition, Abstract Nature, July 21 through September 10.  This six-week show includes abstract painters, mixed media artists, sculptors and photographers who use nature for inspiration.  Presenting the work of established and emerging regional artists, Abstract Nature opens with a Reception on July 21 (6:30-9pm) at 61 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT.

               “I have watched so many people only glance at nonrepresentational pieces in the gallery.  So this show hopes to encourage each of us to have more of a viewing adventure by looking closely at each piece to discern the natural phenomena that inspired the artist, “ says Barbara Nair, Spectrum Gallery Director. “Whether we discern correctly is not the point but careful looking can be very creative inspiring our imaginations to enter each piece in our own way.”

Many of the artists are presenting for the first time at Spectrum Gallery and include painter and mixed media artist Alice Lipping who presents several works of acrylic and mixed media on canvas and tile; painter Doug Deveny who explores the effects of water and movement; artist Leslie Landau who creates landscapes with oil and collage, focusing on light’s journey across a natural surface.

Also new to Spectrum are award-winning painter and sculptor Lexi Axon whose work displays vivid and explosive color; artist Maria Mohiuddin who works predominantly in wax and oil pastels – materials that compliment a curious obsession with fire; mixed media artist Sarah Schneiderman who uses found and recycled objects and everyday debris to express concern for the oceans and nature’s waterways; Suzanne Siegel, also a mixed media artist with a visual and sensual interest in rugged working harbors and the ever changing tidal environments at the edge of the sea, and painter Rita Bond, who creates brilliant works in oil, acrylic and pastel, capturing time and memory in the varied land and seascapes of New England.

Photographers in Abstract Nature include C. Peter Chow, who explores cutting edge digital possibilities and Stephen Martin who focuses on the wonder and mystery of nature.  Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, an award-winning and nationally-known designer and quilter also offers several abstract quilts for the first time at Spectrum.

Many favorite artists and photographers are returning to Spectrum with new creations, as well as an assortment of new fine artisan pieces including pottery, ceramics, jewelry, and crafts made from fabric, wood, and paper.

Spectrum Gallery and Store is open Wednesday through Saturday (12-6pm) and Sunday (12-5pm). The Gallery is an expansion of the non-profit arts organization Arts Center Killingworth which offers classes, workshops, camps and whose mission is to provide opportunities for emerging and established artists to develop, display and sell their work. For more information call Spectrum Gallery (860) 767-0742 and visit spectrumartgallery.org. To learn more about the Arts Center Killingworth call (860) 663-5593 and visit artscenterkillingworth.org.