Teri Glassman

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Invigorating Skate, oil on canvas 36in h x 24in w

Teri Glassman’s background in Art Education and her opportunity to study in Florence, Italy, gave her a broad view of all aspects of the Arts. Her focus is landscape painting, although she paints all subject matter. Teri is trying to illuminate the hallmark of inspiration that captured her attention.  She wants viewers to know that there’s nothing mundane about nature.  Although Oil painting has been her passion since early childhood, Watercolor and Egg Tempera are winning her affection.

After graduating College with a degree in Art Education, she continued her studies through numerous Classes and Workshops. Through the years, she has studied portrait as well as landscape painting.  She also studied Illustration at the University of Hartford. Teri’s interest in Watercolor peaked as she discovered the ease of traveling with that medium.

Her greatest joy is to critique her own work and in the process, discover the necessary changes to make the painting sing. Glassman’s artwork is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.