Teri Glassman

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Teri Glassman realized her passion for Art in early childhood. After earning her College degree in Art Education, she continued her studies in Painting. Teri’s desire to never stop learning drives her to continually critique her work and learn from her challenges.

Her appreciation of Nature’s beauty has inspired her desire to paint. The complexities of landscapes are what Teri relishes. She enjoys plein air painting. Many of the paintings Teri does come from places she visits. She enjoys painting many of Connecticut’s beautiful and varied scenery.

Teri is a duel medium painter. She works in Watercolor and Oils. Watercolors are portable, Teri almost always travels with them. The Watercolor paintings have a big influence on her Oil paintings. She applies some of the Watercolor techniques to her Oil paintings.

Teri went to Iceland last Winter. The Oil Painting, “Northern Lights Clicking On,” is representative of what she experienced.

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