Sean Carney

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Wonderful Union, minwax wood stain and Dremel, 14.50in h x 18.50in w

Sean Carney is an award-winning artist with a unique style that specializes in painting with Minwax wood stain and a Dremel. It is a process that is his and his alone. Carney’s paintings look like traditional paintings from a distance, but upon closer inspection you gain a realization that they are not traditional at all. It is that moment of contemplation that drives Carney to continue his growth and development as an artist. In Sean’s short 5 year career as a professional artist he has been a part of over 70 exhibits nationally and internationally, 18 of those exhibitions have been solo shows. Sean’s work is highly sought after with some of his work finding homes in fortune 500 companies and the United States Embassy in Muscat Oman.  Carney’s paintings are currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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