Sandra Van Vooren

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Caught! carved stone fish pendant with coated copper

Sandra Van Vooren has her BA in History from SUNY Binghamton. She is a self-taught artist. Van Vooren has always loved both jewelry and making things, but when she started going to gem shows with a friend who got into beading, she was disappointed in the options despite the beautiful materials available and dove into combining the two. Almost twenty years later Sandra is still creating with wire and has taught several wire wrap classes through adult education programs in various towns.

In her other life, Sandra is a library specialist, busy sharing her weird enthusiasms in other ways. Van Vooren was awarded Popular Choice 3D, 2021 Arisia Art Show; Writer Guest of Honor Award, 2021 Arisia Art Show; and Best of Creative Arts, 2018 Eastern State Best of Division.

Van Vooren’s Jewelry is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

Spectrum Art Gallery and Artisan Store

The Gallery is an expansion of the non-profit Arts Center Killingworth

Reproduction of any images on the Spectrum Gallery website is strictly prohibited.

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