Sandra Dee Baker

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Sandra Dee Baker is a self-taught emerging artist who discovered her interest for abstract artistic expression in art therapy venues 3 years ago.

Sandra’s art journey began when she completed her first collage piece, “The Maze,” in January 2014. “The Maze” explores her painful journey of growing up without a compass and her search for a way out. It captures her despair and her pursuit for healing, truth, and life. Sandra continues to explore these themes in all of her work.

Most of her paintings are designed and created with cut or torn painted paper. She works in an organic manner, allowing the work to evolve as she places pieces on the paper. There is movement in all her work. She loves working with bold and vibrant colors and mainly works in watercolor, acrylic, and ink.

Over the last year Sandra has felt blessed to be embraced by members of the art community, being selected to participate in juried shows and winning some awards. Her work was has been featured at The New Britain Museum of Art, Connecticut Women’s Artist/ Slater Memorial Museum, Art Center East, and the Community Renewal Team’s National Arts Foundation. In addition, Sandra was selected to participate in the Bruce Museum’s Fine Arts Fair and the Glastonbury Fine Arts Fair.
Lastly, Since February 2015, Sandra has created a little over 400 pieces of art. She is grateful for this new gift of creativity and looks forward to seeing what emerges next on her journey.

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