Ronald A. Olansen

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Garden by Sea, oil 18 by 24; nasturtrium, oil, 11by14; nubble lighthouse,oil,18×24

Ronald Olansen is a retired Mechanical Engineer.  He has painted in oils, pastels, acrylics, and watercolor for more than thirty years. Initially self-taught, in recent years, Olansen has taken numerous courses in drawing, paintings, sculpture, illustration and graphic design at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, the Guilford Art Center, Three Rivers Community College and Middlesex Community College.

Ronald has drawn numerous pencil portraits on commission and loves to paint still life, seascapes and landscapes inspired by the drawings and paintings of Andrew Wyeth, Chardin, Vermeer and the Impressionists. Olansen has also carved numerous stone sculptures, working mainly in granite. His sculptures are of realistic subject matter, birds, fish, frogs, etc.

Ronald’s artwork and sculptures have been shown at Clinton Art Gallery, Spectrm Art Gallery, Noank Historical Society, Electric Boat’s Design Center in New London and at various art shows throughout Southeast Connecticut. His paintings and sculptures are presently being shown at the Women’s Exchange in Old Lyme and R. J. Vickers Herbery in Chester Connecticut.


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