Racquel Miller

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Racquel is a native of California and currently resides in Meriden, CT with her husband and three wonderful boys. She is an event coordinator by day and recently fell in love with making acrylic and resin paintings. She loves all things blue, purple, and green and extremely fascinated with history, art, and nature.

As a younger girl she played the clarinet in the school orchestra, practiced gymnastic, and acted in many stage plays/musicals in school. She loved to doodle different shapes, write short stories, and immerse herself in reading. Getting lost in stories centered around the simple country life surrounded by flowers and fields, mystery, & history (fictional & non-fictional ).  Living in Southern California had many weather advantages. Her favorite past-time was laying under the family tree and staring up at the sky. Listening to the breeze rushing through the leaves.

Thomas Kinkade canvas print “Nature’s Paradise” was the first painting she fell in love. That painting was a sense of calm and peace for her bringing her closer to nature.

She has learned to appreciate every beautiful thing. Nature is so simple helping her to develop an internal calm and appreciate what she has.

Her art is soothing, refreshing, & calm centered around seascape and landscape.

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