Rachel Brown

Portfolio Categories: Pottery.

Rachel has been working with clay for 16 years, starting with a Summer workshop after high school, she developed a stubborn desire to conquer the craft from the first moment she sat down at a pottery wheel. Never formally trained in ceramics, she learned the craft from master potters in workshops and small classes, studying Raku, open pit firing, gas firing and electric. While studying Psychology and English in college, she worked with clay as a hobby at first. In 2007 she sold her first pieces at a local arts festival, Celebration of the Arts (COTA). Selling more and more, she eventually decided to open her own studio in 2012 (Deep Earth Designs Pottery) instead of pursuing graduate school and a career in Psychology. Over the years she has developed her own, unique style. Her forms are inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese pottery with a bright, modern glazing aesthetic.

Up until the pandemic, Pottery has been her primary career. She has sold her work at hundreds of craft shows, stores and galleries over the years including the Stockbridge Summer Arts Festival in Stockbridge MA, Woodstock New Paltz Arts and Crafts Festival in New Paltz NY, the Warwick Apple Festival in Warwick NY and the Sugar Loaf Festival in Sugar Loaf NY to name a few. The dozens of stores and galleries that have carried her work include The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge Ma, Maglynn’s Dreams in New Paltz NY and The Garrison Arts Center in Garrison NY. She has also been teaching through a local arts non profit (The Arts Community) and in her studio since 2016.

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