Quyen Phan

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

A Susan Sontag quote – “The painter constructs, the photographer discloses” – captures the artistic endeavors of Quyen Phan, a Vietnamese-born painter and photographer residing in Simsbury, CT. Quyen began her painting and photographic journey in early 2021 as personal pursuits to provide much needed balance to her daily busy work life as an infectious disease epidemiologist. As a painter, oil, with its flexibility and rich color depth, is the medium with which she learned to paint. Quyen paints a wide range of subject matters that elicit strong visual and emotional response and allow her to continue to grow as an artist. Her paintings have been part of group exhibitions at the Windsor Art Center (WAC) in Windsor CT, at Gallery 53 in Meriden CT, and represented at Pho House in Avon CT. She is a member of the WAC, where she also volunteers her time as a marketing assistant. As a photographer, Quyen is drawn to imagery that discloses and reveals the innate beauty of nature, wildlife, and our surroundings. She is an active member of the Simsbury Camera Club. Quyen’s paintings and photography are currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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