Phil Atiyeh

Portfolio Categories: Notecards.

Landscape Collection

Phil Atiyeh’s career in helping companies develop new products, a life-long interest in creating things that don’t exist, has paralleled his 40 plus years as a photographer.  Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or just a simple form, color, or texture, having an eye for the not-so-obvious is a constant passion. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Phil’s involvement in product design, manufacturing and quality engineering has been a driver in his leisure activities with furniture design and assorted exotic wood creations. After leaving the workforce three years ago, he has expanded his photography tools and skills for capturing and developing truly unique images.  Phil developed a technique for creating dozens of colorful, abstract works of art from a single photograph and has demonstrated the technique to Connecticut photography clubs.

Phil has received numerous awards as a member of the New Haven Camera Club as well as merit awards from various photography associations.  His work has been displayed at the Small Stones Festival of the Arts in Grafton, MA as well as the Milford Arts Council in CT.  Most notable, he was awarded the cover photo to the Alpaca Owners Guide (yes, believe it or not, there’s a magazine for this!) for his image.

All of Phil’s artwork, from the photographic image to the matting or the hand-made frame, is all created and assembled by him as a finished work of art. Atiyeh’s photography is currently exhibited at Spectrum gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.