Nicole S. Iovanne

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Nicole S. Iovanne has served eighteen years as a public school arts educator with experience at all grade levels, pre-k to grade twelve. For the past ten years she has held a photography teacher position at a local high school. She teaches traditional black and white darkroom photography aa well as digital photography courses. Nicole hold a Master of Arts Degree in Environmental Art from NYU with specialization in the area of photography through a partnership with the International Center of Photography. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During summer, she pursued additional hours of course work through a number of teacher programs and art schools operating in the Northeast and beyond. Since 2011, in her personal artwork, she has continued to expand on a set of ideas for images she calls “Illusory Places”. Using her camera, the initial images are gathered from historical, natural, and spectacle driven places. Focusing on the archetypical qualities that are inherent in the objects photographed, her resulting composite images are assembled using a number of software programs to create an ethereal narrative.

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