Ned Farrell

Portfolio Categories: Mixed Media.

Still Life Accoutrements, oil on canvas, 12×14

Ned Farrell is a collected artist creating big, beautiful, bold, …and gold paintings. Ned has created an innovative technique that he uses to create striking paintings. A fluid technique that’s constantly in development and evolving.

Ned started painting in a summer class following his sixth grade year, when the school art teacher noticed his love of and skill in art, especially his depictions of nature. During his high school years Ned started developing his own unique style, and won awards in various competitions, including one from the New Britain Museum of American Art. This garnered the attention of the media, and Ned became the subject of articles in local newspapers.

In college Ned studied with J. Cole Young, the Director of Fine Arts at St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY, among the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. It was at this time when Ned developed his wanderlust to experience different places and cultures throughout the world. To this end, after graduation Ned joined the Peace Corps. Here he was trained as a beekeeper and based in Paraguay, South America. His extensive travels through the forests, rivers, and cities of the South American countries demonstrated a more expansive understanding of color, space and scale, which he translates into his paintings.

Originally a traditional landscape artist, last studying under the tutelage of Eileen Eder, Ned has always loved the way colors blend and can even move on the canvas. Ever increasingly, he began incorporating negative space into his paintings. Over time he found that certain shapes lend themselves very well to the play of negative space, and experimented more and more with shapes, sizes, and images.

In his many travels, Ned runs into artwork being created with amazing arrays of media and matter. He fell upon gold and gold flake, starting to utilize its boldness and beauty into his own work. In playing with these characteristics he is able to create ambitious, eye-catching pieces. Working on large canvases allows Ned to use his skills to showcase this blend of ideas, bringing out spectacular vibrancy in color and light.

Ned loves discussing and showing his artwork, as well as creating pieces commissioned for those who ask for a particular theme or color scheme. Ned does private showings, and has shown at the Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, CT, the Agonist Gallery in Broad Brook, CT, the Branford Art Center, the Clinton Art Gallery, and at various libraries throughout the state.

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