Natalya Prisyagina

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Night City, oil on canvas, 12×12

Natalya Prisyagina is a Ukrainian artist working primarily with nature in pointillism, grisaille, decorative painting, hyperrealism, alla prima.

Born in Ukraine in 1963, Natalya’s passion for art emerged 10 years ago. She attended private art lessons in Odessa with famous artist  Zlata Goncharova, where Natalya honed her skills and developed her artistic voice.

Natalya’s work characterized by its dynamic blend and natural colors.

Over the years, Natalya Prisyagina has exhibited her art in festivals in Ukraine. In addition to her artistic hobby she creates handmade couture silk flowers, used in interion design and fashion.  She moved in United States February 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine. Natalya is teaching workshops for adults and kids, sharing her passion for creativity.

Natalya’s main profession is a Ukrainian TV journalist, scriptwriter, and producer. Her work is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.