Moya Aiken

Portfolio Categories: Mixed Media.

Raised in England Moya attended Manchester University and Central School St. Martins school Of Art.Subsequently she moved to New York where she worked as a textile designer and sold her work internationally. She then joined MTV as a graphic designer and won an Emmy for her work. Moya was recently awarded a Ford Foundation Grant with her partner for a series of animated pieces. Moya mixed media works are in notable collections both here and abroad.

My inspiration is the most fundamental element in art – line. Quite simply I have always been drawn [pun intended] to the varying qualities of line.I love the way it changes when it crosses paths with another line,when it forms an outline or the soft line of a shadow. Even the solid ares of my work consists of many varying lines forming a solid mass in which there can be found tiny lines of shadows a result of the di erent depths of the graphite.I work primarily in graphite and oil whic I nd it gives such unenexspected dimensions to my work.Line is so simple and complex and all are exciting to me. It is the lifeline of my work.

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