Mosa Sadat

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Casters, walnut wood, spider design; Jewelry Box, rose wood, carved and painted; Jewelry boxes, casters, table & chairs, hand carved

Mosa Sadat was born in 1994 in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the age of 14, he entered Turquoise Mountain, a specialized Institute for young artists. After completing this program, Mosa co-founded a cooperative of Kabul artisans, who produced custom-made jewelry, ceramics, and woodwork. He later carried out various government projects and presented exhibitions at different embassies, such as the United States, Germany, Belgium, Norway, and NATO. “I love to incorporate elements of classic geometric and Nuristani design in my work,” says Mosa.  Nuristani motifs symbolized an owner’s bravery or ability to feed others and were carved into door frames, chairs, and pillars.

Mosa has been living and working in Branford since 2022. Sadat will be featured this year at Spectrum Gallery’s Summer Art Festival on the Essex Green.

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