Mary Elizabeth Dutko (Meko)

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Siamese Twins, fine art photograph, 14in h x 11in w


Mary Dutko (Meko) is a free-spirited native of the CT shoreline and lifelong craftswoman. Meko’s career as one of Connecticut’s premier floral designers dates back to the 1980’s. She has been an instructor in the craft of Art Clay jewelry and a versatile artisan working in numerous other media as diverse as glass, metal, watercolor and felting to name a few.

With a degree in graphic design combined with a unique sense for color, balance and texture acquired during her career as a florist, Meko has been described by her colleagues as “being able to see in colors the rest of us can’t see.”  Using this confluence of talents and the inspiration provided by the beauty of the Connecticut River Valley and its environs, whether from her mountain bike, the river’s shore, or aboard her kayak, she has used an artist’s eye and her unparalleled perspective to create the truy one-of-a-kind photography of what the Algonquian’s called “The Land of The Long Tidal River.”

Meko’s photography is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

Spectrum Art Gallery and Artisan Store

The Gallery is an expansion of the non-profit Arts Center Killingworth

Reproduction of any images on the Spectrum Gallery website is strictly prohibited.

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