Louise Scrivines

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Blue and Green Seaglass Hair Barrette, seaglass, stainless steel barrette

Louise Scrivines, a passionate artisan, finds her muse in the mesmerizing world of sea glass. As an esteemed sea glass artist at Lttrinkets, she meticulously crafts each piece, transforming the ocean’s discarded treasures into stunning works of art. With a keen eye for detail and a deep reverence for nature, Louise’s creations encapsulate the serene beauty of the seaside.
Hailing from the coastal town of Fairfield, Louise developed an early appreciation for the ocean’s wonders. Her childhood spent beachcombing instilled in her a profound respect for the environment and a fascination with the sea’s offerings.

In business since 2008; Louise learned her art on her own by experimentation.  An event and jewelry trade show manager by trade; Louise has had wonderful teachers over the years in the jewelry business. Louise is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. She has shown her lines at the Hingham High School Holiday Boutique, Fairfield Sidewalk Sale, Trinity Church Fair in Branford, Scituate Massachusetts High School Holiday Fair, Madison CT Shoreline festival and the Pelham Country Club holiday fair. Scrivines’s jewelry is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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