Lisa Helene

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Lisa Helene, Carefreee Highland Cow; Lisa Helene, I Hope You Dance, Acrylics; Lisa Helene, I’m Alright, Acrylics

Lisa Helene’s love of art & animals has been a constant throughout her life.  Making all varieties of animals the primary subject of her artwork, she’s cultivated her own style which can be best described as happy & whimsical, painting with a carefree joy, often using vibrant hues.  Her process is somewhat uncommon as she most often has no plans when she begins a piece, but rather allows colors, textures & her moods to direct the outcome.  Deeply believing that one of the greatest joys of art is its power to touch people, she paints what puts a smile in her heart with the hope that it does the same for others.  She has a degree in Fine Arts & has shown in juried shows, various galleries, wineries & art collectives. Originally from New Jersey, she calls the rural & woodland beauty of Killingworth, CT home where she lives with her husband, Steve, & their rescue foxhound & donkeys.

Helene’s paintings are currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

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