Kiara Matos

Portfolio Categories: Ceramics.

Kiara Matos is a maker of objects always at “play”. Her work is clearly marked by her interest for well-designed objects and architecture from the mid XX century era, a taste for color, and close-ups from natural scenes she picks up during her daily runs through the park, all converging in a line of ceramic objects that is ever changing but remains rooted the original source of inspiration and the ludic process that working with clay means to her. When it comes to the final pieces, functionality is welcome but not mandatory, “I am perfectly happy with objects that just sit in a corner and call for contemplation”, she says.
She has been working with clay for nearly 20 years. A native from Venezuela, she apprenticed several potters and teachers there, Guillermo Cuellar, Maruja Herrera, Candido Millan and Daniel Reynolds to name a few. Her work has been shown solo and collectively, in several Galleries and Museum Stores, and she has participated and helped organize ceramic fairs for open spaces throughout Caracas. Her family moved to New Haven 4 years ago, where she had apprenticed with Maishe Dickman and Stephen Rodriguez in the 1990’s. And where she is now developing a brand of ceramic products called CeramiK

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