Kerri Beisner

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Nature is the purest and simplest expression of our world’s artistic abilities. It is in her art, where Kerri Beisner evokes this simple expression of beauty through her paintings of nature. Kerri Beisner, a native to the Connecticut shore, has always used art as a means of expression, a form of therapy, and way to communicate with others. In her previous work as a Middle School special education teacher, she used art to help children with communication difficulties convey their thoughts and feelings. After being diagnosed with a severe case of Lyme Disease, Kerri has been using art as a way to express herself through paint; to connect with nature on a different level and to explore the beauty in the simplicity of life around her.

Her work is engaging, yet simple. Her art’s purpose is to evoke thought, and most importantly, a sense of overall calm and relaxation. Kerri strives to create pieces that elicit ease and peace within the viewer. In the craziness of social media, technology, and fast paced life styles, Kerri’s art aims to convey tranquility and serve as a reminder to appreciate the small things in life.
Kerri attended the University of Connecticut to study English and furthered her education at Endicott College, where she received her Masters in Moderate Learning Disabilities. While in college, Kerri worked with art exhibits at UCONN to learn more about the exhibition process and to expose herself to different forms of art. She is a self-taught artist, and has been painting with acrylic and oil paints since her teen years. Although she also uses charcoal in some work and sketches, painting is her true passion.

After her diagnosis of Lyme Disease, Kerri has taken to spending most of her days painting. In her earlier years, Kerri has won awards and sold pieces in High School for her art. The Spectrum Art Gallery, however, will be her first exhibit showcasing her full collection of work. The work at the gallery will consist of framed and unframed acrylic on canvas paintings, along with acrylic on rustic barn wood. Kerri is honored and excited to be a part of The Spectrum Art Gallery, and is looking forward to sharing her passion of art and nature with those in the community.

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