Kearen Enright

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Kearen often describes herself as “having the attention-span of a gnat.”  She loves doing many different things and having many styles. Most of her artwork is done in watercolor or acrylic. She particularly love to paint animals and children.

Kearen was featured in the July 2009 edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine, and profiled in 2010 in a short segment for a CPTV show called “All Things Connecticut.” She wrote and illustrated Quarry Story, a picture book about the history of the brownstone quarries; illustrated the chapter book, Courage, by Peter Gletzakos, and was selected as the illustrator for the first chapter of The Great CT Caper, a book currently being published by the CT Humanities, with 12 chapters, 12 writers and 12 illustrators. Kearen is also working on a series of children’s books based on animals she cared for as a wildlife rehabilitator. In 2000, she became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and established a small craft business called Rescue Creations that funds her wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

Kearen grew up in Connecticut and earned a BFA from the University of Connecticut. Later, she moved to Chicago where I met my husband and returned to Connecticut to raise their four children.  She volunteers on a regular basis with the elderly and at local schools and libraries teaching painting and craft classes and talking about wildlife.

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