Katia Gretcukhina

Katia is a California based artist. She is deeply intrigued by the vibrant colors of Acrylic that are perfect for her eccentric imaginary worlds. She also loves pastel and nature. Katia comes from a family of artists. She has been painting, sketching and doodling for as long as she remembers herself. Her journey started when she inherited a box of old oil paints and brushes from her great grandfather. She developed her skills by receiving instructions from private tutors and practicing.  Katia exhibited her works outside the US and is preparing for an exhibition in Northern California. Many of Katia’s works are in private collections. Devoted to serving the community, Katia created decorations for several theater shows and painted a mural in a local preschool. Currently, Katia is working on a book illustratration project.  An introvert behind an extrovert mask, Katia communicates best through symbols, colors and textures. Katia works as an inhouse lawyer for a technical company.