Kathleen Werner

Portfolio Categories: Mixed Media and Paintings.

There are few things in this world that give us greater joy than creation. The desire and ability to form something entirely unique from nonexistence becomes a fascination for those who choose this path.  Kathleen Werner conveys extraordinary creation both in her personal life as a mother of two young boys, as well as in her artistic practice shown in the distinctive new Ecliptic series of paintings.


A perpetual entrepreneur, Kathleen Werner began her journey by designing and opening a retail store at the age of 20, which after 5 years, she transformed into a gallery for high end local art. With a rich background in interior and commercial design she has always had an eye for form and function, constantly transforming the world around her to her own unique vision.


Werner now works essentially in large paintings and interactive sculpture. While completing a program at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture she conceived and fabricated the famous large scale interactive steel “Etazin” chair, which is on permanent display on the school grounds. Etazin is also featured as public art in Manhattan at 48th and 3rd and can be found in resorts and private collections all over the world.


Werner began her “Ecliptic” series of paintings in 2017.  The original designs of this series are created using drafting tools to obtain these perfect assorted symmetries. The detail work involved requires countless focused hours with intense retrospection at every step. Her vast experience in both design and architecture has summoned an essential need to evoke these timeless works of art into being.

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