Katherine Fountain

Eucalyptus Light, acrylic on canvas,
New England born Kate Fountain is a master of different arts. As an artist she relishes the freedom in variety and has produced bodies of work in ceramics, encaustic, acrylic, oil, and ink. She is currently focused on botanical studies in acrylic, as her connection to nature drives her artistic process. In all the art she creates she transforms direct outdoor experiences through plein air painting or by finding inspiration from photographs she’s taken. Most free time she spends immersed outdoors and tries to reciprocate the earthly gifts of natural beauty by tending to gardens and beekeeping.
Kate has been a high school art teacher for 15 years, which brings daily adventures in sharing art with young minds. She resides in Branford, CT with her husband and two children, and shares her art journey with them regularly, showing them how art and nature intertwine with life.
Fountain is currently a featured artist in Spectrum Gallery’s Autumn Art Festival on the Town Green in Madison Connecticut.