Kate Hull

Portfolio Categories: Pottery and Servingware.

Potter Kate Hull creates beautiful functional objects that can be used to increase the pleasure of the daily rituals of consuming food and drink. First using stoneware and then porcelain, she produces a beautiful and highly successful line of dinnerware and serving pieces.  Her work is formed from slabs of grolleg porcelain (fine English clay that it is translucent and extremely white) and fired to cone 10 or 2,350 degrees.  She uses a variety hand building techniques that are influenced by the need for specific shapes, and challenges the clay in to conform to the desired shape despite its quest to go its own way.  Kate shares her Haddam, Connecticut studio with her husband John Hull, an accomplished potter of 40 years, with whom she apprenticed with earlier in his career. After a 25-year teaching career, Kate enthusiastically dedicates her time to creating in the studio.

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