Judith Secco

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Poppies #2, fine art photograph on exhibition canvas, pigment inks 14in h x 22in w;  Hydrangeas #2, fine art photograph on exhibition canvas, pigment inks, 16in h x 20in w;  Two Crows with an Apple, fine art photograph, archival matter paper, pigment inks, 20in h x 20in w

Judith Secco, a native of Connecticut’s Northwest corner, is an avid self-taught photographer. She began with an in-home darkroom focusing mainly on black and white images and later realized a passion for digital photography. Developing her own technique using layers, textures, and composites, she gives her images a unique quality, enhancing nature’s beauty with an artist’s eye, bringing nature to life.

Shooting a variety of subjects, Judith’s work finds its balance between photography and fine art. She has won numerous awards for her work which has been shown throughout New England.