Jonathan Steele

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Jonathan Steele is an accomplished photographer who travels the country capturing images from many of our National Parks and other areas that harvest the beauty of our country. Through his images Jonathan hopes to bring to others his vision and perspective of the beauty that nature has so abundantly made available to us. His images have sparked memories for some who have traveled to these areas before and helps to entice others to get out and explore our wonderful country.


Jonathan is an award winning photographer who has been published in the online version of Outdoor Photographer Magazine as well as the London based Landscape Photography Magazine. As a member of The New England Photography Guild, a select group of fourteen New England Photographers, Jonathan writes blog articles of his experiences, techniques and locations to photograph here in New England. He has studied with The New York Institute of Photography  as well with some of the world’s top photographers and photography instructors who have shot or written for The National Geographic Society, Audobon, The Sierra Club, National Parks, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and other nationally and internationally recognized publications.


Jonathan has chosen the images you see on display here to portray the abstractness that is in nature. From the slot canyons formed over thousands of years ago in the Navajo lands of Arizona to the springtime Birch trees in Acadia National Park he hopes to show that regardless of where you go, you will find the abstractness in nature.

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