John Houle

Portfolio Categories: Autumn Arts Festival Artists and Wood Artisans.

John Houle has an extensive background in art, having won his first regional contest in second grade . He studied under Jaccques Rommel at Central Connecticut State College, and he has exhibited with the Clinton, Stratford, and Old Lyme Art leagues, and can be found doing live demonstrations at various galleries. He has been the recipient of many local, state and regional awards. His work is on file at both Smithsonian and National Geographic. He has been featured in Pyrography magazine, and on the cover of “The Connecticut Craftsman“ magazine. He has appeared on Channel 8, on Connecticut style several times, as well as “Better Connecticut“ on Channel 3, and his work may be found in galleries from Cape Cod to Florida. In 2011 he was the 3rd ranked traditional artist on the Fan Art Review international site as judged by his peers. His work is in private collections all over America, Europe, Canada, and South America. His most recent win was “ Best in show“ at the Huntington Arts festival in Connecticut. John shows at Island Mist, Block Island, R.I.; Blue Dodo Gallery, Hamden, Ct; Gallery on the Green, Milford, Ct.; Gilded Lily Gallery, Milford, Ct.; Woodworks Gallery, Brewster, Mass.; Art Boutique, Naples, Florida; Hurley Travel, Naples, Fla. and Spectrum Gallery, Centerbrook, CT.

Burnt Offerings are wood burnings or pyrography. It is a form of scrimshaw on wood . The detail is provided by etching the wood with heat from a Woodburning tool . One I use heats up to 950 degrees, while the other has a reostat and can go to 2,000. The amount of detail and shading are determined by the length of time the burning tip remains in contact with the wood . It is a very unforgiving art form that does not allow for mistakes . All Burnt Offerings are done freehand and a slip of the hand cannot be corrected. All Burnt Offerings are unique, as all wood pieces have different grain. Many of the works are enhanced with an acrylic wash to highlight them, they are then coated with three UV resistant coats of Polyurethane for protection.

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