Janet McCready

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Beach Stone Bowls, Orbs, Cairns, Long Island Beach Stones; Pill House Bird Houses for Wrens, wood; Swoop Houses for Bluebirds, wood

Two of Janet McCready’s greatest passions are Artistic Creativity and the Ocean. Janet finds beauty in nature, especially when she is at the edge of the Ocean. The community in which McCready lives is on The Long Island Sound. They are lucky to have three community beaches. Every stone in McCready’s bowls is individually handpicked, from the ocean’s edge, by Janet.

McCready isa forever art student in many different mediums. She has been taking art classes her whole life. Janet likes to share her love of art. She has given classes in Beach Stone Bowls and in various other mediums.

McCready’s Beach Stone Bowls are currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Center brook, Connecticut.

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