Ileana Dumitriu

Portfolio Categories: Festival Artists.

Bugs, watercolor on paper, 6in dia; Titania, digital media print on paper, 11x17in; Yellow Bird, watercolor on paper, 6x12in

Ileana Dumitriu is an architect and a visual artist, based in New Haven, Connecticut.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tonitza College and a MArch from “Ion Mincu” Institute of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, Romania. She is a Senior Associate at Pelli Clarke and Partners in New Haven, CT and in her free time she enjoys painting and volunteering for public art projects in New Haven. She is a founding member of the RoArtCONN visual artists group.

Working primarily with acrylics and watercolors, Ileana is drawn to the delicate beauty of the natural world, particularly the intricate patterns and vibrant colors found in the realm of insects and birds, meticulously capturing the essence of these creatures and celebrating their inherent grace and complexity. By blending abstraction with representation, Ileana aims to unify the tangible and intangible, encouraging viewers to ponder the subtle delineations between reality and perception.

Some of her recent projects include public art installations for “Winter Solstice Luminary Walk” in Edgerton Park and “Windowed Worlds” in New Haven, CT.

She also participates in the New Haven Open Studios every year.

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