HH-Stonewall Community Farm, Inc.

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HH-Stonewall Community Farm, Inc. is a 5013c non-profit charitable corporation that offers service unlike any other organization in the state of Connecticut. We are dedicated to fostering a diverse range of programs that includes community service initiatives, the development of community gardens, job training, and equine assisted unmounted activities in other words our ‘Buddy Program’. We take immense pride in our commitment to rescuing and providing a loving retirement for draft horses, and providing a nurturing and loving environment for retirement and layup boarding.

We are committed to serving the underserved population. With a focus on the mental well-being of our participants whether they are disabled, LBGTQIA2S, or emotionally challenged, everyone is welcome with open arms. The farm provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment to people while also promoting social interaction and community involvement. It serves as a fantastic way to help people feel more connected to their communities and to the world around them.

All money will benfit adding more bedding boxes to our community garden so that our disabled are able to access them to put plants in instead of planting in the ground.

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