Harry Rosenbluth

Portfolio Categories: Photography.

Harry grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He attended Long Island University before enlisting in the Marines. He loved photography as a young man though he didn’t study it in college. He learned by shooting and shooting and also by doing darkroom work that taught him how much easier life is when you expose your film correctly. He has worked for The Ring, Boxing Illustrated, Rock Magazine and for the online website Secondsout.com. He spent many years in Southern California and has now lived in Connecticut for the past year. His photography covers many varied subjects, ranging from the famous (Rolling Stones, Muhammad Ali) to the street scenes that interest him. He shoots mainly black and white, which is the medium that provides him with the most emotional stimulation. He mixes shooting digital with analog: same scene in front of the lens yet totally different in conception. His favorite photographers are Henri Cartier Bresson (deceased), Gary Winogrand (also deceased) and Sebastao Salgado (still very much alive. )

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