Elizabeth Hulett

Portfolio Categories: Ornaments.

Rose Gold Ornament, glass

Elizabeth Hulett considers herself home schooled. Learning from her mother who had a in-home ceramic studio. Elizabeth loved helping and learning but didn’t stick to ceramics. Hulett did clothing for awhile, wood for a long time, start to finish, and she taught ceramics and craft classes at the MeridenSenior Center in the early 90’s.

Hulett had a friend that pushed Elizabeth to try new and she introduced her to another friend that saw her work and Elizabeth ended up doing about 10 years at the Big E in the Connecticut building where she was on display painting and personalizing mailboxes and ornaments. Hulett has always loved working in pencil, and on the side would attempt portraits. She has always done them as gifts for special people. Hulett had taught Decorative painting and porcelain doll making through the ceramic studio.She loves to knit, crochet, and quilt. In the 80’s Elizabeth worked for a woman making buttercream roses and flowers for wedding cakes. There aren’t many crafts she hasn’t tried!

Hulett’s artwork is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut