Deepti Gondia

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Colours, acrylic on canvas, 22h x 28inw

Deepti Gondia was born in India, where color is part of every festival such as Holi, Diwali. She is a self-taught artist and paints in semi abstract and abstract styles. She established an early interest in making art while growing up in school and she took art as an optional subject. Gondia is a graduate in Science Stream and her highest qualification in formal education is BSC Zoology Honors. She started her professional career with IBM, India in the year 2005, post that she Joined American Express and eventually joined one of the leading Insurance company Max Life Insurance in India as a relationship manager. After working for IBM, American Express, and Max Life Insurance in India, Deepti became Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank in India.

Gondia used to create paintings as her passion now and then, but she devoted full time to painting during Covid times as she was home alone full time, and her paintings were the only source of communication to express herself during those tough times.  Gondia displayed her artwork online in several groups and on social media and her paintings got a lot of love.

Re-married in 2022, Deepti and her 12-year-old daughter moved to the United States permanently. Her husband has been very supportive, and he has been her motivation.

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