Colleen B. Reilly

Portfolio Categories: Photography.

Little Man, fine art photograph


Colleen is visual storyteller. As a marketing executive, she spent over 30 years crafting compelling stories through the marriage of strong visuals and words to inform, entertain and inspire people. She holds a master’s in interactive communications and a B.S. in communications arts.

She is skilled as a working photographer and has spent serious decades attending workshops, classes, conferences offered by professionals to enhance her skills, including the New England School of Photography.

Her recent work was on exhibit at the Small Stones Art Festival in Grafton, MA where it was awarded a Judge’s Choice. Her images have also shown in exhibitions at the Cape Cod Art Center, Ocean State International Exhibition, Shoreline Arts Alliance Images. Colleen’s work has been published in the Photographic Society of America Travel Magazine, Connecticut and Maryland newspapers, and trade publications.

Reilly’s photography is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.