Clara Buitrago

Portfolio Categories: Decorative and Pottery.

Clara Buitrago started her art training in the Art Department at Rockland Community College, in New York. She transferred to the University of Colorado, and graduated with a BA in Sociology. She has continued to take classes and workshops in pottery, photography, sculpture, painting and graphic arts at various colleges and high schools in Colorado, New York and Connecticut.  Most recently she has taken pottery classes at the Guilford Art Center and the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. Her interest in pottery has brought her to specialize in the use of polymer clay.  The variety of colors and the pliability of polymer clay is especially appealing to her.

She also works with resin clay and clear resin to create miniature flowers, vases and wall art on tile.  Her inspiration comes from nature, primarily animals.

Before modeling the clay, she sketches out her vision of the individual pieces.  She says that the modeling process takes on a life of its own and she has learned to allow the final piece to evolve naturally.

Clara often says, “My art makes me happy and I hope some of that is reflected in my work.”

She has exhibited at various art fairs in CO and CT.  Most recently in North Haven and Oxford, CT.

Clara has worked in the Human Services field for over 20 years. She also worked in the Environmental Studies field at the Columbia Land Conservancy in NY, and the Berkshire Botanical Garden, in MA.  She currently works for a Social Services agency in New Haven, CT.

She has volunteered at the Norwalk Aquarium, CT, Audubon Society, and the Beardsley Zoo, CT.  These opportunities allowed her to be involved with nature and animals.

Clara’s interest in nature and animals have taken her to the Galapagos Islands, Kenya, South Africa, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Spain, Sweden, Panama, and other parts of the world.  She has lived in Colorado, New York State and Washington State, she now resides in Connecticut.  She enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, gardening, hiking, and has had the opportunity to scuba dive in some amazing areas. One of her favorite books is Into The Planet, my life as a cave diver, by Jill Heinerth.

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