Bonnie Bernice

Portfolio Categories: Glass.

Christmas Sun Stained Glass Panel

Bonnie Bernice has been creating stained glass pieces for over 20 years.  Her Dad was a stained-glass artist, maybe you can say it was in her genes.  After taking just one class, Bonnie was off and running, making lamps and mosaic tables.

Bernice has always been fascinated by the reflection of the colors and the ambiance of glass which has been enjoyed by centuries.  Bonnie uses the “Tiffany” method, which is hand cutting each piece, grinding the shape to perfection, wrapping the piece in copper foil and soldering all together. Each piece is waxed and polished for that beautiful long-lasting shine. She uses different glasses, i.e., textured, iridescent, transparent, art glass.

While living in Colorado, Bernice started teaching stained glass. Bonnie found her paradise when she moved to Deep River 5 years ago.  No longer teaching or making lamps & tables, Bonnie currently makes smaller panels, suncatchers and items by request.  She sells in local stores and word of mouth. Bonnie is a retired financial analyst and became a dogwalker 8 years ago. After retirement Bonnie strived to do the things she truly loves, which is creating stained glass, caring for your pets, and enjoying life by the river. Bernice’s-stained glass is currently exhibited at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, Connecticut.