Barbara Raleigh

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.


Barbara’s focus is on Color, Form and Texture. Copper foil is formed into abstract dimensional shapes; copper discs support a uniform base. Both display the numerous over-lappings of opaque and transparent enamels and what happens at different firings and temperatures. The other area of her collection is earrings, each unique design a collage of unusual materials and stones: laser-cut leathers and metals, semi-precious and glass stones/beads, fabric tassels, MOP, resins. They are very wearable and ‘fashion’ oriented in styling, silhouette and color combinations.

She has won numerous jewelry design awards (Diamonds International, Platinum International, et al), and had several one-man shows at the Spring Street Enamels Gallery in SOHO. As a native NY’er, Barbara says she ia fortunate to be able to experience first hand so much culture and street smarts. As a traveler, she incorporate all she see, taste, touch and experience into her visions.

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