Anka Pikos

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Anka Pikos is an acrylic painter fascinated with chaotic structures. She loves complicated constructions and ornamentation.  Her work flows between abstraction and surrealism with dense and precise patterns.  She refers to her work as a “complexity of simplicity.”  She perceives the world as a seemingly chaotic structure from which a deeper meaning can emerge. Observing nature, she finds in it – honest simplicity and chaos and complexity and variety which compose that simplicity. Those characteristics are universal not only in nature but also in the everyday life of people.

She studied Landscape Architecture in Warsaw (Poland) but never practiced this profession. Instead, she worked for ten years as an analyst and reporting specialist – living a double life – numbers at work and art at home. Fortunately art won the battle.

She is a self taught painter who started her adventure with painting in 2019. Since then she has presented and sold her paintings mostly online. Before she fell in love with painting, she also created ceramics for clients in eastern Europe (Poland, Germany, Denmark, Austria).

Her job now is making textile decorations for children’s rooms that are well known in European shops specializing in natural ecological accessories. She also now shows her work at Spectrum Art Gallery in Centerbrook, CT.

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