Anita Darin

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Anita Darin is a “Maker”, finding inspiration in a multitude of mediums.  Anita lives in Deep River, CT and works full time as a graphic and multimedia design specialist for BrandTech Scientific in Essex, CT. She is responsible for all advertising art and photography, as well as video production. Anita spent 4 years taking classes at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme CT, where she perfected her drawing and painting skills. Though she did not study jewelry making at Lyme Academy, she did learn composition and balance which has served her well in her jewelry making. Anita’s designs are inspired by her visits to the Egyptian, Mayan, and Native American cultures. Her designs are simplistic, organic and somewhat imperfect which gives them the primitive look she is drawn to.  Anita started making jewelry about 25 years ago and over the years developed a love for copper and the beauty that is created with its oxidation and patina that takes place over time. The color is always changing and can be cleaned so the process can start over again. Her pressed copper is totally unpredictable and, with each unique piece of copper, it gives her creativity the ability to soar which results in special one-of-a-kind pieces.

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