Amy K. Lewis

Portfolio Categories: Paintings.

Amy K. Lewis is an artist whose live and work studio is near the ocean in Massachusetts. She primarily works in oils and acrylics. She is visually impaired and uses her impairment as a unique way of ‘seeing’ the world through representations of her art and photography.

She was trained and worked in the commercial photography field with film cameras during her younger years after becoming proficient in photo retouching and custom darkroom work. Amy later turned to digital graphics and web design before returning to fine art painting after her cancer diagnosis in 2009.

Most of Amy’s art embodies her passions. In the past few years, she has been working with abstract expressionist art by using unusual materials such as dental floss, chalk-line, and ordinary thread to paint on canvases.

She continues to work with photography and painting abstracts. She has  received awards in online competitions for these.

Amy has exhibited in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Rockport, Somerville, Chelsea, Cambridge, Soho, NYC, Clifton Springs, NY, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, as well as in online exhibitions.

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