Home Decor

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Almost Finished Rocking Horse

During this time of staying in at my daughter’s house, I am having the pleasure of working on this rocking horse with my grandson, Alexander.  I especially love to paint things for children.  Using a vintage piece, acrylic paints and a sealant I’m transforming this oldie but goodie into a beautiful, new customized horsie. I’d be glad to transform one of your vintage pieces into a family heirloom.  If interested contact, Barbara Nair, Spectrum Gallery Director at barbara@spectrumartgallery.org Also visit my pieces displayed on Spectrum’s online gallery page

– Pamela J. Chandler

For me the painting by Christine Kornacki speaks of hope and dreams and always holding onto a sense of wonder.  What better place to have it than where I can gaze upon it every morning for inspiration and each night to promise magical dreams?  It’s really wonderful. 

I am a collector of many antiques/primitives and this piece of pottery by Hannah Leckman is a wonderful addition to my home. Added to my fireplace mantel I think it fits perfectly with my other treasures and it is a joy to see everyday. – Terry Rioux

Striped Bass Fish Carving by Casey Hartley featured over Jane & Greg Harris’ stone fireplace

Perfect spot for Wilma Cogliantry’s Beardsley Tapestry

Crystal Ice Cave photograph by Robert Thomas installed prominently in client’s home

Client’s holiday gift for her home, by artist Jan Prentice